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checkmark.gif YES, Joe! - Send me your power packed toolkit that will teach me "step-by-step," EXACTLY how to create my own profitable real estate investing business and work from my home. I understand that the methods you teach do NOT require down payments and that I will never have to use my credit to get loans... it doesn't even matter if I have bad credit. Your 350+ page, "technique rich" toolkit, will teach me how to find the deals, how to structure them so they make sense to a seller (and make a profit for me) and how to quickly find a buyer for the property so I can walk away with cash in my pocket.

I know that you normally sell this toolkit for $197, but by ordering before the deadline, I get it for $97. With your iron-clad, guarantee, there is no way I can lose.

I am ordering the DOWNLOAD VERSION of the book.

I understand that you absolutely, positively, 100% guarantee I will love your book or you will give me all of my money back, no questions asked, any time within 90 days.

I'm ordering before the deadline, so don't forget to include my six free special bonuses worth $679.75 if purchased separately?

Bonus One "All The Real Estate Forms You Need."  Every form you need to to implement my system is included. You will get the blank forms AND you will get an example of the forms... filled out. There will be no question in your mind how to put together an acceptable offer. These form yours for FREE. ($275 value)
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Bonus Two - "How To Get Wealthy Buying And Selling Single Family Homes." I used to sell this book for $29.95 by itself. It is full of useful moneymaking techniques about how to be successful as an investor and landlord of single family homes. It's yours for FREE.

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Bonus Three - "Real Estate Marketing Techniques I Used To Place Myself In The Top 1% Of ALL Real Estate Agents In The World!"  If you understand these marketing concepts, you will succeed in ANY business you undertake. These techniques are the root of all good businesses and essential information for anyone thinking of starting their own real estate investment business.  It's yours for FREE.


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Bonus Four - Use The Internet To Get Highly Motivated Sellers To Call You - NEW UPDATED CHAPTER! This updated chapter will show you how to dramatically increase the response to your advertising! It is an awesome new way to track down motivated Sellers who are willing to give you a great deal. I?ll even show you how to use my web site so you don?t have to become a web designer to make it work. This is the most exciting new technique I?ve used in years and is increasing the profits of my students dramatically.


Bonus Five -30 DAY FREE Trial Membership to Joe Crump's "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership." When you order now with your credit card, I am going to lay in your hands, 30 days of my exclusive "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership" for FREE... with No Strings Attached.

You'll Receive 30 Days of the Joe Crump "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership." Including the "Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter On The Planet" and the "Monthly CD Audio interviews" by me with top experts in the Real Estate Investing Business... mailed to your door! ($39.95 Monthly Value) You can cancel anytime.
More Info On The Free Bonus
Bonus Six - FREE access to one of my "Members Only" Coaching calls to allow you to ask any questions you have about my system.

On this call you get to talk to me PERSONALLY and ask me any question about real estate that you like. This call will get you on the fast track to succeeding in the real estate business. It will be a no-holds-barred, nothing held back session, discussing ANY questions you might have or creating strategies for your new business. (Real Value $225.00)

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